with Heidi Hanna


with Heidi Hanna

Recharge Radio Episode 0 – Your Weekly Tool to Shift Your Energy with Dr. Heidi Hanna

Life is crazy, but crazy can be good! In the same way, stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing — in fact, stressing can actually be a blessing — once you know how to use it for good.


So if you’re tired of feeling spread too thin, racing against the clock, tired and wired at the same time, join us to explore the simple strategies experts use to shift stress in an instant! Learn how to transform your relationship with stress.



I’m your host, Dr. Heidi Hanna — let’s get ready to recharge!



Key Takeaways:

  • [:40] Dr. Hanna launches the discussion with a look at one of the most fundamental principles of personal energy management: oscillation.

  • [3:00] Overcoming the rushing syndrome (when the primal brain is reacting instead of responding) with our unique stress signature and ideal performance pulse.

  • [5:30] Heidi gives us a glimpse into what this podcast series promises, with the help of an impressive panel of guest experts on a wide array of subjects ranging from performance psychology to clinical hypnotherapy by way of neuroscience! Let’s call the experts out to practice what they preach!

  • [7:06] Each show will include tips, tools, and techniques as well as exclusive listener bonuses.

  • [7:15] Take advantage of the dedicated voicemail line, where you can ask questions ahead of time to be featured on upcoming shows.

  • [7:45] Join us next week to meet a surprise guest, and Dr. Hanna’s all-time favorite celebrity comedian!

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Heidi Hanna shows you how to understand and transform your relationship with stress, mastering it for good.

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