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with Heidi Hanna

Living in Authenticity with Dr. Srini Pillay, M.D.
Featured Guest Dr. Srini Pillay

Are you feeling stuck in a stress mess, overwhelmed, and overstimulated by the demands of your life? Spread too thin and not prioritizing self-care because you feel like it’s selfish when so many other people need your help? Well, let’s stop for a moment.

How much can we really help others when we’re just scraping by, ourselves? At the end of the day, we’re only really worth as much as we can give, based on the energy we have in the time that we have.

I’m your host, Dr. Heidi Hanna, and in this stress mastery podcast, we’re talking to the experts to find out what they do to use stress as fuel for success and what they do to shift stress in a positive way when they notice it getting out of control.

Because we’re all human, we all get stuck sometimes and we can learn so much from each other when we take an honest look at the patterns that are hurting us and create new patterns that will help us.

So, let’s get ready to master stress together in today’s conversation!

Key Takeaways:

  • [1:08] Dr. Hanna welcomes listeners and introduces this week’s guest, Dr. Srini Pillay, CEO of NeuroBusiness Group. He is a Harvard psychiatrist, world-renowned executive coach, brain researcher, technology entrepreneur, and musician.
  • [2:27] Heidi explains how she met her dear friend Srini many years ago and mentions a few of her favorite books by him.
  • [4:52] Dr. Srini talked about the nature and benefits of mixed feelings — a combination of opposite or contradictory feelings.
  • [5:40] The conversation moves organically in an unplanned direction!
  • [6:20] Dr. Srini touches on the importance of authenticity versus “what we’re supposed to be” and what to do when there is a dissonance between our authentic self and what we think we should be or do.
  • [7:40] We discover that a few of our preconceived notions of perseverance and practice on success levels are actually not stand-alone indicators! And these erroneous notions cause people a lot of stress.
  • [11:20] Dr. Hanna asks what we can do to better our practices, if in fact perseverance and practice may not always help!
  • [15:55] Unless we actually put our hearts into them, a lot of stress can be generated by our deliberate practices because we may just be rewiring negative habits.
  • [16:50] Dr. Pillay tells the story of when he entered his residency at Harvard.
  • [18:00] What is alignment in terms of focused and unfocused periods?
  • [19:04] Dr. Hanna asks what are Dr. Pillay’s go-to strategy or strategies when he finds himself out of balance in some way.
  • [22:30] On the interconnectedness of consciousness and the stress generated when we feel disconnected from reality.
  • [26:16] Dr. Hanna asks Dr. Pillay what his mantra is and wraps up the show until next week.

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Until next time, please remember that stressing is a blessing, once you know how to use it for good. It gives us the energy and information to fuel positive change if we’re brave enough to look into it, stay open and curious to what it has to teach us and then adjust our patterns in a way that will give us even more capacity to cope. And when we do that together, we increase the energy we have to bring to the time that we have and we’re better together. So please, be good to yourself, and I’ll see you next week.

Mentioned in this episode:

Book: Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind, by Dr. Srini Pillay

Deliberate practice

Positive-constructive daydreaming

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