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Heidi Hanna, PhD

“I want you to do more than just watch and listen. I want you to make the courageous commitment to transform your stress and use it for good!”

Heidi Hanna is a best-selling author, an experienced speaker and an authority on brain-based health.

As an experienced speaker, Dr. Heidi Hanna has been featured at many national and global conferences, including the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women in Business Summit, ESPN Women’s Leadership Summit, and the Million Dollar Round Table. She is founder and Chief Energy Officer of Synergy, a consulting company providing brain-based health and performance programs for organizations, the Executive Director of the American Institute of Stress, and a frequent lecturer at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

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Heidi HannaPhD

Beyond Funny

Studies have shown that humor...

Reduces the production of stress hormones 

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Beyond Funny

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November 14th at 4PM PST

How to Use Humor to Heal the Brain and Body 

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November 14

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Build Your

Mirth Muscle

 Humor can be divided into three types of experience: the physical expression of humor is laughter, the mental navigation that occurs when we recognize humor may be referred to as wit, and the emotional delight we feel is called mirth. When we allow ourselves to fully feel the internal giggle of something funny, there are hundreds of chemical changes that occur – shifting our state from surviving to thriving.  All measures of cognitive performance improve, as our neurons are nudge towards expressing creativity, insight and innovation and turning down the noise of the stress response. 

In this free webinar, Heidi will discuss how using humor strategically, actually planning time to experience things you find funny on a regular basis, you build a mental muscle that is more in tune to the humor of your day.  

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"I am sitting here with a good feeling, grateful that my employer, DTE, valued me as a person enough to provide me with this opportunity to improve my life. You have a way of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces that we are able to absorb without feeling overwhelmed. I am looking forward to seeing you again next month. Thanks so much!"

Nancy Kosch,

Assistant to the Chairman &
Sr. VP-Customer Service, DTE Energy

VP of Wealth Strategies,
Ameriprise Financial

Craig Brimhall,

"I’ve had the good fortune of watching Heidi speak to our advisors on several occasions and observed not only her performance, but also the attendees’ reactions. In a word she’s captivating. Whereas the message is important, her delivery style elevates the subject from important to critical. And, post-speech, she is usually surrounded by attendees who want more. You can’t miss with Heidi."

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