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Do These Statements Apply to

Your Business?

“I feel like I could be more productive if I wasn’t stuggling with stress.”

“One of my team members is has been negative lately and it’s impacting everyone.”

“We have regular stress management sessions, but they’re benefits don’t seem to be sustainable or lasting.”

“We’ve been dealing with several tight deadlines lately and I wish there was a better way I could boost everyone’s spirits.”

Become a Balanced
& Energized Workplace

Heidi’s corporate brain fitness training program teaches brain-based energy management principles.


Step 1 Assessment

  • An assessment determine the best programming options to meet the desired outcomes for your unique culture
  • Both Individual and Group Assessments allow us to customize the program feel and flow for optimal engagement

Step 2 Content Delivery

  • Live, Virtual, or Blended training content can be delivered to meet your budget and provide the greatest return on your investment

Step 3 Ongoing Support

  • We offer both Short and Long-term Solutions to kick start a campaign or provide ongoing support for sustainability.
Heidi has worked with...

Topics Include:

  • Nutrition for performance
  • Physical activity guidelines
  • Sleep strategies
  • Relaxation and recovery training
  • Optimal oscillation practices

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Online Training

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