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Stress and Mental Health Updates (Plus Special Tribute)


with your host, Heidi Hanna

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Join Dr. Heidi Hanna as she discusses how stress impacts mental and emotional health, the impact of stress sensitivity on the brain and body, and how to build greater resilience one day at a time.


And this month, we’re all in for a special treat as Dr. Hanna is joined by Dr. Evian Gordon, Dr. Shelley Carson and Dr. Erin Dunn for a panel discussion to help us do our part in taking care of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits during these challenging and stressful times.

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Nutrition for Energy and Engagement

Take a deeper dive into the most critical nutrition strategies to sustain at work and home for optimal energy, health, and performance. Topics include understanding metabolism, meal planning, strategic snacking, personalizing food plans, and eating for peak performance.

Exercise and
the Brain

Understand the incredible impact of physical exercise and movement on brain health and performance. Topics include understanding the role of exercise on neurogenesis and neuroplasticity (brain cell growth and development), how exercise changes brain chemistry, what types of exercise are most important, and how to build strategic movement into your busy day.

Sleep Strategies for Optimal Health and Performance

Sleep is one of the most critical things we do every night to repair and recharge our brains. But most people fail to get the adequate quantity and quality they need. In this session, we’ll discuss how much sleep you really need and how to know for sure, what exactly happens in the brain while you sleep, and specific strategies to help you get more vitamin Z.

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